Mar 7, 2008

The Yogitree - The Garden

Located at 1st floor, The Garden
Attracted by the relax decorations

This is boutique concept restaurant.. Sold yoga's related materials

Mushroom and 3cheese melt on toasted granary (18.00)

with 3 type cheese :monterey jack, gruyere & cheddar

Come with plenty of ingredients

Tagliatelle Carbonara with bacon, mushroom & egg (rm19.00)
It is using roman cookings style, without cream.


Ginseng,red dates, longan , wolfberry (rm15.00)

Sharing with my friend
Better taste & smell after we cook longer

Prefect Score : 10
Price :6
Taste :7
Service :7
Cleanliness : 7
remark: Overall foods are good but the price is a bit high


dancinth said...

fast fast post all ^-^. then i can more easier hunt food .:p


LLP said...

wow! it's great! food & environment looks good & even better with your comments. u must have put lots of effort in creating it. keep it up!

Shell Food Station said...

Hi DD,
You are my very 1st customer,thanks for your support :)

Shell Food Station said...

hello llp,
i need your support and do visit me more frequent..hehe

ஐ 馨韵公主 ஐ said...

Your blog...........
Easy for me hunting food later! So me not need go to forum click one page to one page to read, then write down at my notebook!
When wanna go out eat, must on internet n come here to get where to eat!
Gal, muakz, i like u so much~

Big Boys Oven said...

what a detail of food descrption! well done, we love it1!


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