Mar 6, 2008

Rakuzen - Chulan Square

This is my second gathering with my "cari food" gang.

Eat all you can (Sunday lunch buffet) : RM55++

Assorted Sashimi - fresh tuna, white meat fish, fresh salmon, boiled octopus, cuttlefish

Assorted skewered grills - chicken, mushroom, mackerel

Tempura Prawn


Garlic Rice


prawn tempura roll

green tea ice cream

fresh fruit

Prefect Score : 10
Price :7
Taste :7
Service :7
Cleanliness : 7
remark: I will be back :)

1 comment:

Chin said...

have u try umaiya japanese buffet b4 this?just wanna ask ur opinion to compare the rakuzen and umaiya tat which 1 is better since their price r almost the same?^^


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