Mar 1, 2008

Dessert's Bar - Casa Tropicana

Collection for year 2007

Get to know tis "sweet" place from ahdar which located at Casa Tropicana

only two of us, me & my friend. We manage to try out two types of desserts only because my friend is a small eater..

Tofu Margarita (RM10.00)
erm..Sesame ice cream not enought sweet (Eventhough they practise only health food but i still prefer sweet desserts)

Overall pretty good + got a lot of ingredients like tofu panna cotta, sesame ice cream,red bean, honey drew, grape & strawberry

Caramel Banana (RM8.00) ***Yummy Yummy***

Tasty, caramel sauce +Pistachios+ banana = perfect matchEspecially the caramel saucei finished them in one shot!

Prefect Score : 10
Price :6
Taste :7
Service :6
Cleanliness : 6
remark: It is worthehile eating this desserts. I've been wanting to try out other variety of desserts available here too!

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