Aug 27, 2008

Saka Bar & Restaurant 酒場 @ Mid Valley

This is the first time i visit this new restaurant which wholly owned by OH Sushi~~~
which is lacated at Ground floor beside Starbucks
Mid Valley新開@酒場 ,是under Oh Sushi@~~~
位于ground floor @ starbucks隔牆..內有一個門能通去Oh Sushi

decorated with sake boxes

lots of Japanese guy drinking sake there, but for me tis time is just for food ^^
this restaurant do sell rice set, noodle , sashimi, 下酒菜 & Yakitori
它有賣套餐,有飯,面,燒鳥,下酒菜 & 生魚

Macha Goma milk shake RM8.00
The drink is quite thick and creamy~~I love it^^
很浓,加上有我愛@ sesame..很喜歡^^

Mocha bubble tea RM6.00
japanese restaurant also serve bubble tea now

Eringi Aburiyaki (RM15.00)

we get six slices of Eringi + flower mushroom
有6片eringi ,1粒花菇,兩粒白果^^

the mushroom after grilled is delicious and flavoursome~~
very juicy & smells really good^^

Macaroni salab RM8.00
this is recomended by the waitress which is cold & not bad

Pork Saikyo Aburiyaki (RM15.00)

i find the pork slices slighty salty..
good to eat with rice

Fried Garlic rice (RM12.00)
comes with miso soup & served in stone bowl
Beware of the hot spoon in the stone bowl
有送miso湯~~還是第一次看放在@garlic rice~~

the portion is quite big but very plain & dry:(

Aspara Bacon (RM4.00) tasted just very normal, nothing to complaint

Tori Negima (RM4.00)

Mochi Bacan (RM4.00)
this is quite a good combination
the mochi very bouncy ~~I like the texture^^

remark : 食物有好有坏..環境不錯是聚在一起@好去處^^

Aug 25, 2008

Nyonya Colour @ The Garden

Nyonya Colour is my best tea time choice because i love nyonya kuih^^
And tis can be found in most shopping mall(1utama, the garden, bukit raja, bukit tinggi)
我喜歡吃Nyonya kuih,這Nyonya colour成了我吃小點@好去處
能在蠻多shopping mall找到它..如(1utama, the garden, bukit raja, bukit tinggi)

Lots of kuih on the display rack

Hehe.. I can't remember most of the prices & name of the kuih^^

1 ) Dinner with fren at Nyonya Colour
RM3.50 : Cha Cha sweet soup
taste good & come with alot of sweet potato & yam

Red Bean ~~

Curry Chu chong fun~~
the taste of curry is like lack of something... not good enough

Yellow curry noodle

Mee siam with red chicken
The red chicken is hard to chew :(

2)This is for take away
Kuih ~~ price 0.80-1.00 each
Banana kuih~~tis not the cup of my tea=.="
香蕉糕..不愛吃 cos它@口感很geli下:(

pulut panggang~~my all time fav^^

Sesame flovour~~
I like sesame very much! something i would not miss^^

Yam cake~~
Yam cake is very good as it comes with lots of yam^^
它@yam cake弄得不錯,有很多yam粒^^

3) Take away
left to right : sesame , red, chocolate
i like the red colour kuih wHich texure & taste is very good^^

remark :
their service is a bit slow, hope they could improve

Aug 21, 2008

豬雜 @ Home Town

豬雜^^ 豬真有用 從頭到尾都能吃 這是從我home town買回kl吃@....
看得出什么打什么嗎? 有豬耳,豬頭皮,豬舌頭,豬nose,豬肝,豬大小腸,sotong,tofu,皮蛋etc

打包@ : RM8.00


豬舌頭..好吃 像瘦肉但口感很正



remark : 這不能常吃 ,對身体應該沒什么好處
我本身覺得好吃,但不是人人都能接受 有些會帶豬"so"味

Aug 18, 2008


There's a newly open 2 levels Thai restaurant at Jaya 1
Jaya 1 新開@THAI BBQ Restaurant,共有兩層

Their Caring herbal tea priced at RM12.90 per jug is Not bad & very refreshing^^
還很好喝 很清甜^^

Fireman Beef (RM19.90) (1person)
come with beef, fish noodle, shreded cabbage, pumpkin & baby corn

come with rice; but we top up RM2/- to upgrade it to Fireman Fried Rice
附一碗飯,我們加rm2.00 upgrade到 fireman 炒飯

ork stomach is really too fat & oily... till XXX
豬肚 (RM6.90) 好肥@豬肚..最后很滯

upper part of the wok is BBQ WHile the Lower part is like steamboat
the beef is very nice^^
碢上是BBQ,下是湯@ ...... beef好吃^^

BBQ sauce is very nice..especially add chili sauces with chili padi^^
BBQ醬 .很好吃~~辣醬+chili padi

fat from the pork become oil after the heat & drip down to the soup:(
it's very disgusting in fact
油湯 ..BBQ@油全進湯內..可怕下

Bacon Triple Roll 三喜培根肉卷 (RM14.90)
the asparagus & baby corn wrapped with the bacon triple roll is very oily
包著蘆箏 & baby corn..還也很滯

Water Chestnut with Coconut Milk 椰汁馬蹄(RM5.90)
The water chestnut with coconut milk doesn't Look Good but the taste is Not bad
對它@外表失望下 ..味道還ok

Steam Tapioca With Coconut Milk 糖漿蒸木薯(RM5.90)
steam tapioca with sweet coconut milk is good^^
好吃 ,熱熱甜甜@木薯+帶鹹@Coconut Milk

There's 5 fireman show in a day.
The staffs keep walking here & there wHich BlOcking me from watcHing it clearly:(
火人show,每天有5場火人表演 表演還不錯 ,但員工走來走去..害我沒能仔細@看:(

the fireman very hardworking wor! Not only presenting the show; he's the waiter as well^^

總結:滿分: 5分
價格:3 美味:3 服務:3 衛生:3
remark : 吃時感覺還不錯,但吃完后很滯下=.="
Everything's fine during the meal, but it's a bit "muak" after that=.="


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