Aug 18, 2008


There's a newly open 2 levels Thai restaurant at Jaya 1
Jaya 1 新開@THAI BBQ Restaurant,共有兩層

Their Caring herbal tea priced at RM12.90 per jug is Not bad & very refreshing^^
還很好喝 很清甜^^

Fireman Beef (RM19.90) (1person)
come with beef, fish noodle, shreded cabbage, pumpkin & baby corn

come with rice; but we top up RM2/- to upgrade it to Fireman Fried Rice
附一碗飯,我們加rm2.00 upgrade到 fireman 炒飯

ork stomach is really too fat & oily... till XXX
豬肚 (RM6.90) 好肥@豬肚..最后很滯

upper part of the wok is BBQ WHile the Lower part is like steamboat
the beef is very nice^^
碢上是BBQ,下是湯@ ...... beef好吃^^

BBQ sauce is very nice..especially add chili sauces with chili padi^^
BBQ醬 .很好吃~~辣醬+chili padi

fat from the pork become oil after the heat & drip down to the soup:(
it's very disgusting in fact
油湯 ..BBQ@油全進湯內..可怕下

Bacon Triple Roll 三喜培根肉卷 (RM14.90)
the asparagus & baby corn wrapped with the bacon triple roll is very oily
包著蘆箏 & baby corn..還也很滯

Water Chestnut with Coconut Milk 椰汁馬蹄(RM5.90)
The water chestnut with coconut milk doesn't Look Good but the taste is Not bad
對它@外表失望下 ..味道還ok

Steam Tapioca With Coconut Milk 糖漿蒸木薯(RM5.90)
steam tapioca with sweet coconut milk is good^^
好吃 ,熱熱甜甜@木薯+帶鹹@Coconut Milk

There's 5 fireman show in a day.
The staffs keep walking here & there wHich BlOcking me from watcHing it clearly:(
火人show,每天有5場火人表演 表演還不錯 ,但員工走來走去..害我沒能仔細@看:(

the fireman very hardworking wor! Not only presenting the show; he's the waiter as well^^

總結:滿分: 5分
價格:3 美味:3 服務:3 衛生:3
remark : 吃時感覺還不錯,但吃完后很滯下=.="
Everything's fine during the meal, but it's a bit "muak" after that=.="


天蓬元寿 said...


十六夜真人 said...


CUMI & CIKI said...

the fireman/waiter looks like a chip n dale.. hahaha.. anyway. those bacon rolls look fantastic! also the beef!

squall said...

so fireman show somemore...i wan go to try it out alr~~

ling239 said...

hmmm... evertything seems oily and fatty, maybe i shd just go try the desserts only....

Jackson said...

wow.... have live show somemore.. then i must go

mimid3vils said...

Any special about the fried rice? Worth adding that RM2?

ET女子 said...


Shell (貝殼) said...

天蓬元寿 :
兩間都是Thai bbq形式@,所以像下


cumi & ciki :
like chip n dale~~~why leh?

squall :
food is so so only but services quite good^^

ling239 :
hehe~~ maybe u can order more vege^^

5 times per day oh

mimi :
taste good but abit oily

et女子 :
謝謝來我@ blog~~要常來哦^^

ღvivi0914ღ said...

mm.. where's Jaya One ??
That area seem likes got alot of food !!

Shell (貝殼) said...

Jaya 1 located at section 13, near Utar^^

Anonymous said...

the pork is really really fat! how to swallow it har?


Anonymous said...

yeah, i've been to Fireman restaurant for many many times. the foods there are very delicious and the price is affordable. the Fireman show is marverlous. the staff there told me that the fireman is from Thailand. Not only that, all the kitchen staffs also fr Thailand. So it's a good place to taste 100% PURE Thai food.

Anonymous said...

我跟我的家人在年初三去FIREMAN。食物真的是一流。价格又很公道,BBQ + STEAMBOAT 自助餐才RM19。90一个人。我最喜欢他的酱料。很好味。



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