Aug 12, 2013

[小日記 . Instagram] II

Artisan Roast HQ
 photo 995789_10151725015078820_2146807634_n_zps0538c61b.jpg

Nephew 5's Year Birtday

 photo 1000461_10151679428218820_765798069_n_zps18857f76.jpg

Love old wedding Photo 

 photo 1001920_10151704764483820_163901201_n_zpsb56407d5.jpg

Nice Weather
 photo 946208_10151642597428820_193835707_n_zps132b5025.jpg

Plan b ~

 photo 8624_10151717139173820_1881567465_n_zps36099d64.jpg

Another Lovely Brunch with fren @ LOKL

 photo 935093_10151700858018820_1864126139_n_zps7fdd99ce.jpg

Japanese Home deco Magazine
 photo 1045076_10151653385193820_242972562_n_zps67b61de4.jpg

 photo 1017048_10151645199063820_1444164120_n_zps041e34f3.jpg

Postcard From Bhutan
 photo 1011929_10151641551093820_1002038569_n_zpsd33ea90e.jpg

 photo 1075792_10151702919778820_973807862_n_zps87334797.jpg

Paris Apartment
 photo 21652_10151725015038820_276338923_n_zpse9e22292.jpg

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spicyko said...

very interesting details you have remarked, appreciate it for posting.

nully said...

i actually like what you've acquired here, really like what you are stating and the way in which you say it. Cheers!

Cindy Dy said...

Hi, I think now I have a strong hold over the topic after going through the post. The subject that you have discussed in the post is really amazing; I will surely come back for more information.


lee woo said...

Love it! Very interesting topics, I hope the incoming comments and suggestion are equally positive. Thank you for sharing this information that is actually helpful.


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