Apr 19, 2010


"古罗马的4月,正是大地回春,鲜花初绽的美好季节。英文4月是April,由拉丁文Aprilis(即开花的日子)演变而来。Aprilis又来源于aperio---开花的意思。4月(April)来源于单词aperire,表示“开”,可能意味着植物在春天开始生长。四月天就是春天最美的时候 。“四月蔷薇靠短墙”,四月的代表花是蔷薇花。 " From : baidu.com

是天灾还是人祸 ?不能不在我们心中打上问号...

只希望大家能尝试做些小改变,对大自然环境负责任,对自己负责任, 对下一代负责任.
让将来的子孙还能看到睛天~ 看到希望



chiariyees said...

(wow, nice calendar!)

yeah, the weather is crazy now. but we couldn't blame anything else but us human. hope people on earth learns to love our earth before it's too late.

mimid3vils said...

I always bring my own tupperware when tapao & bring recycle bag when shopping :)

Colin Woon said...

Great photo! Love it!

Yup! Preserve the world for our future!

Shell (貝殼) said...

chai yee :
Yes, we must appreciate nature and the world we live in~~
Just need try to change a little things then can make a less harmful impact on the environment.

sweety :
Good job, sweety~~
At office, i trying to copy and print on both sides of paper, use e-mail instead of fax^^

colin woon :
Let Save the Earth


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