Sep 9, 2008

Amuleto by Cystal Jade @ Mid valley

This is a cystal jade owned casual chic dining.
Located at ground floor next to police kiosk same row with chili’s
位于ground floor 跟chili's同一排

Not many customers during our visit
With modern & trendy decoration^^

All of us ordered free flow drink0 cost RM6.20

Quartet soup (a little bit of soup) RM12.00
I ordered 4 different type of soup which comes with small glass^^

There are French onion , pumpkin, minestrone & mushroom.
All are good but I love the mushroom soup the most cos it’s so thick & yummy ^^
有洋蔥@,金瓜,蘑菇 & 蔬菜

Cheers!!!!! 喝......................湯

Rosti with Mushroom (RM12.00)
The Rosti is tasty which present in very nice way eventhough it costs only rm12.00^^

Served with lots and lots mushrooms, worth your money

One of my fren ordered this 6 Course Set Dinner RM30.00
Come with mixed Salad, soup , tapas of the day, main course, Ice Cream & Drink
朋友點@..有Salad,湯,前菜,主食,ice cream & 飲品

She chose grilled Sirloin steak with house sauce.
The beef is tender but lack of taste

We left without ice cream which shall come with the set dinner, oh~~what a waste
wuwu~~~我們回家后才想起ice cream沒serve到

Prawn Cocktail cold Dish (RM15.00)
i was attracted by the outlook.

We get six fresh prawns & the salad is in the glass

Thai Green Curry Seafood Spaghetti RM20.00
This is a creamy type spaghetti which comes with lot of ingredients

so flavoursome and delicious^^...but c’t really eat much

Amuleto Fried Seafood Spaghetti with Olive Oil RM15.00
The spaghetti taste like Cantonese fried noodle, taste is pretty good but a bit oily

I top up another rm10 to enjoy the salad bar & chocolate fountain buffet
which is the special promotion for the rosti set
我@rosti set只需加rm10可用 salad bar & chocolate fountain buffet

Remark :
I’m satisfied with this dinner^^
Price is reasonable with attractive presentation of food


SockPeng said...





CK Lam said...

I like the idea of the soup being serve in the small glass. The photo of yours showing the yum-seng gesture with the soup is very unique...

I will surely keep this place in mind on my next kl trip. Thks for sharing :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

sound like AMULET! so cute... i thought the shop was selling accessories of protection! lol .. cool pix!

JENCOOKS said...

Nice blog and pics u have too..

Julian Si said...

Good to see your blog ... Very nice macro shooting :-) with your D40. 50mm f/1.8 lens perhaps?

I am also thinking of investing in either a Tamron SP90 or Nikkor Micro-105 ... hmmm!

Michael Yip said...

very nice take on Amuleto! :D

Kelly Choo said...


Shell (貝殼) said...

sockpeng ,
嘻嘻,肚子餓別跑food blog..會餓上加餓@

ck lam,
i also like the idea of the soup, can try 4 different type of soup at 1 time + 1 price^^

cumi & ciki,
Tis is casual chic dining under cystal jade group.

thanks, jencooks^^

julian si,
yes, with my 50mm f/1.8 lens..
i'm a fresh dslr user, need to learn hard now^^

Michael Yip,
i like the presentation of food

kelly choo,
我不會用photoshop & illustrator:(

May Lim said...

嘻嘻。。。我们也忘了有ice-cream 。。。 真的蛮值得吃咧!!环境不错加上很合理的价钱,我一定要再去。

PenangTuaPui said...

4 different type of soup which comes with small glass... so cute....

can't wait to have that in Penang.. will try one day. lets yam seng....

and salute on your effort to have bi-language.... keng..

btw.. we are giving away vouchers.. please visit our blog for more details...

squall said...


mimid3vils said...

Nice shoot!! Make the food even tastier ~~

Chris said...

I like the Quartet soup, so cute. Hehe....

venus said...

杯子湯~~ 還真特別的哦

ling239 said...

Quartet soup !! wat a good idea...^_^

Jackson said...

everything looks so good!

Little Inbox said...

Soup served in glass? This is totally new to me! :)


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