May 5, 2008


Sweet Dreams (RM16.00)
Dried ginger and dried apple cuts are added to this herbal tea

Maccha Black Rice Tea (RM12.00)

Green Guava Juice (RM12.00)

Edamame (RM6.00)

Ninniku Yaki Meshi (RM6.00) garlic fried rice~~yummy

Rainbow Maki (RM32.00)
which is the sashimi roll with crabmeat and cucumber

Cutlet Curry Rice (RM30.00) served with salad & fruits

Tendon (RM32.00) served with salad & pickle

Unagi Avocado Temaki (RM10.00)

FOC – Temaki
entitle to get 1 free temaki with every main course order

Tokubetsu Bento (RM58.00)
Special Lunch Box with grilled black cod fish ,mixed tempura,cold handmade soba

cold handmade soba

black cod fish

Mixed tempura & fried chicken

Egg& prawn

Sashimi 3-4pax (RM200.00) Served with 8 types of fresh Sashimi
24pcs of sashimi were beautifully displayed on top of unique sashimi tray

tuna belly ... the tuna belly are so fresh and thick in size~~yummy

It was really fresh

this is very delicious too

Abekawa Mochi (RM12.00)
Glutinous Rice pieces with alots of peanut flakes~~taste good

Maccha Zenzai (RM16.00) Green tea ice cream on hot red bean soup~~so so only

Goma IC Special (RM16.00) ..goma ice cream kinda plain


ling239 said...

wat a feast u had !
i like the sashimi serves there ~

squall said...

i love their sashimi...and miss their Tokubetsu Bento lot...

ஐ馨韵公主™ ஐ said...


Big Boys Oven said...

looks awesome, a japanese feast! walio so goood!

ღvivi0914ღ said...

I like their food :))

huiyandala said...

謝謝shell... 經過你的迷津,我的時鐘終于成功!! 高明!!哈哈!

老早聼過Pavillon 樓閣有幾間日本料理蠻不錯!


weiwei said...

yaya..i think the italian food look nice but not really delicious..but maybe diff ppl view them different??hehe

Shell (貝殼) said...

ling239 : yes~~the sashimi really fresh .. i like it 2

squall : i love the cod fish~~ but the portion is quite small

princess: fast2 come back, we eat together

big boys : yes, tis japanese foods really looks nice & taste good

vivi: But a bit expensive 4 me^^

huiyandala: hehe~~ my explanation so poor u also understand..

weiwei :yes, agree with u~~some foods only have "look"


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