Jan 20, 2009

Hanazen Japanese Restaurant @ Jaya 1


位于Jaya 1 @ 日本餐廳.... 對它的set lunch 較有興趣但沒机會/時間(set lunch較便宜),某天放工到那"找吃"就進去試了較貴@ dinner set ~~
There's one japanese restaurant at jaya one which i wanted to try their set lunch which's more reasonable but no chance to do so yet~~I had tried their set dinner which is a bit expensive.

Hot ocha (FOC)

Cold Ocha (FOC)

Hanazen有蠻多bento/ dinner set@, 我選了unagi set (RM38.00)
Hanazen offer quite a number of choice of bento/ dinner set. I've chose the unagi set (@RM38.80)
一整條@unagi, 但皮太厚,影響了口感
quite a long slice of unagi, but the skin is a bit too thick which affected the overall taste=.=

unagi @ 汁也放得不夠, 跟他們要了一點自己加
I asked for more of the unagi sauce because it's too little

附送@ Miso soup

附送@ Chawanmushi

附送@ fruit

朋友@ teppanyaki beef set (RM38.00)
Teppanyaki Beef .. 有牛肉&牛油粒 ..... 牛肉我們order半熟@,但來的有點老3 ..麻麻而己
Teppanyaki beef come in cube & 牛油粒 ....
we order medium rare but it came in almost well done.. just so so only

沾肉@ sauces, 不錯下 The sauces for the beef is not bad

Garlic Fried Rice.. 好吃

Teppanyaki vega

總結: 滿分: 5分 價格:3 美味:2.5 服務:3 衛生:3
remark: 我們order的set dinner 都 麻麻而已 ............但听隔壁@人說sashimi很新鮮好吃...erm,有机會才試羅
Both my friend and my dinner set are so so only... but, we overheard the next table have a good comments for their sashimi... will give it a try when i got a chance

Jan 12, 2009

IZZI Pizza @ 75% Off

IZZI Pizza @ 75% Off從去年十月就開始了,而我是在上個月去吃@
**剛打去Izzi, promotion會到15th Jan'09**

IZZI Pizza @ 75% Off 的Terms & Conditions :
- Minimum spend for dine-in RM75 (RM18.75 after discount) and for Takeaway and Delivery, minimum spend is RM150 (RM37.50 after discount).
- Minimum one order of main course and one drink per person.每人需點一道主食 + 一杯水
- Valid for selected items only.有本特定@menu供75% Off promotion用@

點了可free flow 的soft drink (RM8.90 ~~ No discount) 我共喝了4杯^^

Can Drink (RM6.90 ~~No discount)

食物份量不會太大, 我們order了4個主食+1個小食share share 吃.... 共用了rm65+, 平均才RM17一個人~~

Prawn Linguine with Garlic & Red Chilli (RM6.20 ~~ After Discount)
味道不會太重&濃, 适合注重健康的朋友

Fettucinni Con Funghi (RM6.20 ~~ After Discount) White cream @, 味道較濃但不過分 ... 好吃^^

Tom Yam Soup with rice (RM6.45 ~~ After Discount)
=.=!!...好難喝@Tom Yam, 超鹹的且沒tom yam味... 只試2口就沒人動它了

Pepperoni Pizza - Regular (RM 7.70 ~~ After Discount)
好在,Izzi@ Pizza 幫iZZI加回分數了

Pizza @ 皮 蠻脆+薄的,剛我

Deep Fried Calamari (RM4.20 ~~ After Discount)

**我去的是Bukit Bintang分行, Parking在暗暗的小路覺得有點不方便...還是較喜歡Uptown那間

滿分: 5分 價格:4 美味:3. 服務:3 衛生:3
remark: 說真的,我本身是不會在沒promotion時去Izzi用餐, 因為覺得很不值得
75% off 很值得去吃, 平均一個人用不到RM18就能吃飽飽了^^


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