May 22, 2008


Dinner with mama at The Garden, Lower Ground Floor

Good Old Days RM5.90
very small cup~~is green apple juice + lemon
there are some salts on the top to reduce the sour taste
Pure Green Apple Juice.. RM8.90
no added sugar
Aromatic crispy duck RM18.00
Baked with Lychee Black Tea
tis duck meat very dry~~

crispy duck wrap with egg cake together with sweet sauce & lettuce & spring onion
Braised Beancurd In Green Tea RM8.00
this is good^^Cooked with Long Jing Green Tea
Stir Fried Vege 4in 1 with Minced Pickles & Tea RM15.00
(Long Jing Green Tea)
tis slightly dry but still flavoursome~~especially the minced pickles
Tea Rice

Remark : entitle to get 10%discount with jusco card^^

May 15, 2008

Baskin Robbins - Pavilion

Dessert Time ^^

Located at 6th floor, Pavilion

7mini scoops (RM19.90)
Suitable for those who would like to taste more flavours in 1 time

come with a side of rich chocolate sauce + almond nuts

Rainbow Sherbet~~yellow colour@
The month ice cream..chocolate chip
Cookies'n cream

Jamoca @ almond fudge ~~one of the highly recommended flavour

Mint Chocolate chip

Very Berry Strawberry

Pralines 'n cream~~this also very good!

Waffle & Ice Cream (RM18.00)

waffle set contains bananas, strawberry, kiwis, and strawberry & caramel sauce

Freshly baked waffles with a scoop of green tea & Very Berry Strawberry Ice Cream

May 14, 2008


小小飯店位于tmn seputih..在federal highway要進"天后宮"那條路@第一路口..
直直走.就在左手邊 ( 有興趣@話,我能畫map )

它最出名有"瓦煲蟹飯" + "叉燒"(媽媽超愛它@叉燒)
瓦煲蟹飯 RM48.00


螃蟹肉新鮮+超多~~我只吃小小腳(因為我不太愛吃螃蟹 )

Vietnam Curry prawn RM28
curry用很多不同@vietnam curry料煮@..

The curry sauce very tasty ~~
curry很送飯 (蟹飯),但不能吃多~~會很滯

饅頭超捧@,熱熱然后點那curry sauce


滿分: 5分價格:3美味:3.5服務:3衛生:3
remark : 食物都不錯吃 ,价錢可能會比一般中餐店貴,但還是能接受@

May 5, 2008


Sweet Dreams (RM16.00)
Dried ginger and dried apple cuts are added to this herbal tea

Maccha Black Rice Tea (RM12.00)

Green Guava Juice (RM12.00)

Edamame (RM6.00)

Ninniku Yaki Meshi (RM6.00) garlic fried rice~~yummy

Rainbow Maki (RM32.00)
which is the sashimi roll with crabmeat and cucumber

Cutlet Curry Rice (RM30.00) served with salad & fruits

Tendon (RM32.00) served with salad & pickle

Unagi Avocado Temaki (RM10.00)

FOC – Temaki
entitle to get 1 free temaki with every main course order

Tokubetsu Bento (RM58.00)
Special Lunch Box with grilled black cod fish ,mixed tempura,cold handmade soba

cold handmade soba

black cod fish

Mixed tempura & fried chicken

Egg& prawn

Sashimi 3-4pax (RM200.00) Served with 8 types of fresh Sashimi
24pcs of sashimi were beautifully displayed on top of unique sashimi tray

tuna belly ... the tuna belly are so fresh and thick in size~~yummy

It was really fresh

this is very delicious too

Abekawa Mochi (RM12.00)
Glutinous Rice pieces with alots of peanut flakes~~taste good

Maccha Zenzai (RM16.00) Green tea ice cream on hot red bean soup~~so so only

Goma IC Special (RM16.00) ..goma ice cream kinda plain


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